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About Us

Our Vision

Every promotional item has an important role to play in your communication’s strategy. When giving a gift, you share a part of your company’s identity, you arouse interest and create a long lasting link with the person you’re in contact with.

But because the promotional item is part of your branding, it has to be chosen with care. Our leading role is to guide you through your needs’ analysis, initiate an in-depth search on the local and international markets and offer you tailor-made and within-budget alternatives.

We act as business partners and not solely as vendors of the Industry. Our job is to advise you.

Our Expertise

Unearthing the winning find in an ocean of possibilities demands flair.

After more than 15 years of experience in the promotional items field, Lindsay Internationale has developed a unique expertise that will save you precious time and give you optimum results.

As a member of the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) in the United States and member of the Association des Professionnels en produits promotionnels in Canada (PPPC), Johanne Lindsay was awarded a Gold Award in 2014 and a Silver Award in 2015 by PPPC for the refined and out of the ordinary promotional items she presented.

Our Favourites

The Quebec Province has so much to offer! By choosing to work with local craftsmen, Lindsay Internationale show-cases a rich and diversified heritage, where creativity and innovation lead the way. It is always such a pleasure to share our favourites with you!

Our Social Involvement

In the last few years, Lindsay Internationale has been involved in several fundraising events. The company either contributed financially or got specific promotional items manufactured, in order to raise awareness for numerous causes.