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Canada will celebrate its 150th anniversary of Confederation


Canada will celebrate its 150th anniversary of Confederation

In 2017, Canada will celebrate its 150th anniversary of Confederation with millions of people across the nation. Thousands of communities and organizations – encouraged by federal guidance and funding – are eager to show their unique take on life in Canada, with a multitude of wide-ranging events and programs, all supported by branded mementos, merchandise and giveaways.  Lindsay Internationale is proud to work jointly with licensed suppliers for this 150th anniversary and make this easy for you, with pre-approved products. Find one of our selected products with Canada 150th logo and join your company logo to it. Just as easy as that!

If you want to know more about what the logo represents, read these few lines:


The logo was created by Ariana Cuvin from Toronto, Ontario, a second year Global Business and Digital Arts student at the University of Waterloo. Students were invited from across the nation to create the official Government of Canada’s logo for the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017 through a design contest that was held from December 5, 2014 until January 23, 2015. Ariana was chosen from a field of over 300 eligible entries.

The logo is composed of a series of diamonds, or “celebratory gems”, arranged in the shape of the iconic maple leaf. The four diamonds at the base represent the four original provinces that formed Confederation in 1867: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Additional diamonds extend out from the base to create nine more points—in total representing the 13 provinces and territories. The multi-colored iteration gives a feeling of diversity while the red one shows pride and unity.

You want to add your logo to the 150th anniversary of Canada logo? We will do it for you. Talk to us about your projects and we will suggest the right item for your event, your budget and delivery date. Contact us for additional products with this certified logo.